Financial and tax specialist. Master’s degree in Finance, SQA Financial Management certificate, CFA participant. Has experience working at KPMG, mostly performing Due Diligence projects
Dainis Krasovskis
Master’s degree in Finance, SQA Financial Management certificate. Manages logistics company. Experience in crowdfunding platforms, international experience as a payment specialist
Emīls Jankovskis


Manages advisory practice. More than 36 years of experience in Telia Group (telecom). Business Planning, M&A, Start-ups, Outsourcing, Business Development skills. Has led more than 150 transactions
Hakan Jasson
More than 10 years of experience in real estate. Director of real estate division in Realto LV, supervising 12 project managers and responsible for real estate development and management
Agnese Rutka
Boldyield founder and ex-owner. 15 years of business lending, restructuring and M&A experience. Risk evaluation and mitigation, product development, sales
Edgars Mass
Master’s degree in Law Studies, sworn advocate. A lawyer with more than 15 years of experience providing legal advice on various issues related to property law, contract law, commercial law and labour law
Evita Priedīte


We are a peer-to-business crowdfunding platform with a focus on real estate and cash-flow businesses since 2019. Our purpose is to bring together investors and developers. Investors – to grow wealth and businesses – to reach funding. At the same time, we contribute to the whole crowdfunding community to become No 1 fund originators for businesses. The name BOLDYIELD represents our strong position throughout the business and investment world. We are BOLD and we bring YIELD – we face and solve challenges; investors grow wealth and businesses reach funding.

Realto is an experienced property investment and management company that owns multiple commercial properties around Latvia and is one of the largest office premise holders in the country. Realto acquired its first real estate back in 1998. The company currently rents around 230,000 m2 of commercial real estate to over 750 tenants. Realto supports sustainable development and is always looking for new properties - in 2020 Realto acquired 3 new properties with a value of EUR 9 million.

Blue colour represents gained trust and transferred experience from the previous team. It symbolises our integrity and responsibility


With purple colour our contribution to the platform is associated – creativity, independence, devotion, peace, dignity, and wisdom


Red colour represents our partnership with Realto LV. It symbolises our energy and passion


Investment funds are always held separately from our funds until the investing transaction is made, or the relevant asset is purchased after which your funds are protected by the security on the asset

Regular project cash-flow income, interest and profits in respect of any of our listed investments are never used for the purposes of the Boldyield business

We provide transparency at all times. Investors can access information on their investments, including information on partners experience, project latest updates, and exit plans

We have processes in place to ensure that our investors’ personal information is kept safe and secure. In the event that Boldyield ceases to operate any information will only be accessible for proper purposes

In the event that Boldyield ceases to trade there is a contingency plan in place so the loans can be managed, returns continue to be paid and the assets sold at the relevant time and proceeds returned to investors

Our terms and conditions are clearly written and explain exactly how the investment process works, what our duties and responsibilities are, what due diligence has been undertaken, and any applicable fees to all parties

We work with competent, professional people and implement proper processes to run our business effectively

We ensure that our IT systems and business processes are secure, reliable and proportionate to the nature, scale and complexity of our business and are sufficiently robust to facilitate compliance with applicable law, regulations and this code of conduct

We adhere to the regulations and any applicable laws relating to our sales and marketing activity, ensuring that risks and potential returns are presented in a reasonable and balanced way

If investors are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, we will deal with their complaints promptly and fairly