Welcome to BOLDYIELD

Welcome to asset-based P2P investment marketplace | BOLDYIELD

Dear Sirs / Madams, 

my name is Edgars Mass and I'm the Founder and CEO at BOLDYIELD - a new asset-based P2B crowdlending marketplace from Estonia. I'm more than happy to greet You on our marketplace. I hope You will find here what You are looking for. We are proud to offer banking grade quality vetted projects in 3 reliable industries such as Real Estate, Maritime Transportation and Business Financing within one place. 
By clicking this link, You are welcome to view a short video about us.

Despite the fact that P2P and Crowdfunding industry is already saturated, we see a great potential in this business model as well as gaps that we would like to fulfill with our experience, unique product offerings and great customer experience above everything mentioned.
During more than 15+ years in business lending and banking sectors we have gained a remarkable experience that we are ready to implement in each step while conducting business at BOLDYIELD.
Our Vision is Fair - we deliver our exceptional experience to bring together both: wise wealth creators and responsible business owners for a greater outcome.

Welcome bonus

To make a new start even more remarkable we are granting 10 EUR as a welcome bonus to our first 100 investors. To receive it, please make sure to register and make Your first investment with us.

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Looking forward to a great cooperation and let's get started.

Kind regards, 

Edgars Mass, 
The Founder, CEO